Catering products

Tomato sauces

Italian sauce
It is a tomato sauce that has a unique composition of spices and herbs. Herbs and the spices are hand-picked that makes it high quality. It is recommended in gastronomy to the production of the pizzas.
Packaging: bucket 6 kg

Hawaii sauce
Tomato sauce with large pieces of pineapple, onion and raisin filling is ready for use in bakery products and catering. It has a distinctive, original sweet and sour taste. Ideal for pizzas, casseroles and a variety of snacks. It also perfectly tastes with other ingredients such as ham, cheese, tomatoes and herbs. Sauce baked does not change the texture and retains its aromatic qualities of taste.
Packaging: bucket 6 kg

Hungarian sauce
Tomato sauce with peppers, mushrooms, onions, carrots and chilli paste acute, enriched hint of garlic. It is characterized by a sharp taste. Ideal for hot dishes and cold snacks. Recommended especially for potatoes pies, dumplings and pancakes dry. Emphasizes the taste of food grilled, roasted and stewed meats.
Packaging: bucket 6 kg

Cyganski sauce
It a ready-made tomatoes and vegetables sauce. It includes the slices of: paprikas, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers and onions. It is used to the cold and hot meals. It is recommended to the meats, casseroles, shish kebabs, poultry, potato pancakes, dumplings, stuffed cabbage leaves,, spaghetti, pizzas. You can add sliced sausages and sliced beckon.
Packaging: bucket 6 kg

Pepper and garlic sauce
It is a tomato sauce with sliced sweet paprika, garlic, and the mixed spices. The sauce characterizes by the taste and the aroma of the fresh paprikas with garlic granules. It is used to the casseroles, poultry, and the noodles. It is recommended to be used with cheese- it is also use to the production of the pizzas, and mini pizzas. The usage of that sauce shortens the time of preparing above-mentioned products, what shortens production’s costs.
Packaging: bucket 6 kg

Mexican sauce
It is a tomato sauce with onions and paprikas, cucumbers, and courgettes, and special composition of Mexican spices. It is recommended to the hot meat’s meals, rice, boiled beans, tortillas, casseroles, noodles, pizzas, and hot-dogs.
Packaging: bucket 6 kg

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